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True Wiccan Spells

True Wiccan Spells, as opposed to true African spells - which are more powerful? Although true witches, African or Wiccan, probably have no interest in this, many people do. The answer is not a simple one. The kinds of magic that Wicca practices and the kind that a witch doctor practises, although very different in rituals and magic, both draw on the same power or energy. One needs to compare the witches themselves to find out who is more powerful. The spells that they use are merely methodology and knowledge - not actual power. Both Wiccan spells and African spells will both be able to cast a binding love spell, for instance, the strength of the spell will depend on the sorcerer or wizard. Real Wiccan spells are, in cases like this no more, or less powerful than African Voodoo. Dark magic and witchcraft spells all depend on the power of the magician or sorcerer.

Black and white spells

The black and the white, when talking about witchcraft, refers to the goodness, or badness of the witchcraft being used. Black spells are cast using black magic, or evil magic, whilst white spells would be cast by good witches (white witches) or sangomas. Is black magic stronger than white magic? - again, it is the power of the witch that counts - not the type of magic. You will find that no really powerful witch or wizard will be selling love spells on line, or voodoo money spells - why would some one who is so powerful, need to sell silly love spells for beginners, if they have so much power? Witch doctors and witches who have to advertise things like necromancy spells ,and spells to bring money, are mostly weak witches and crooks trying to make money out of a naive public - true Wiccan spells will never be sold online, as will true African magic never be for sale - this knowledge is handed down from master to apprentice. These powerful spells and magic are highly protected - truly powerful witches know the dangers of these secrets in the wrong hands. The idea of magic, as portrayed by Harry Potter, whilst lots of fun, does have some elements of truth - but it is mostly commercial rubbish.

Black Magic and white Magic

Black magic, or dark magic, as it is sometimes called, is the practice of magic in ways that are not natural, that do harm and that warp and bend innocent peoples wills. White magic is magic that works with the universe in natural ways, works for good and does not harm. When one consider this, one has to wonder at all the black magic being advertised on the Internet. All the spells that are offered, that will manipulate, or bend another's will, must be considered black magic. How can a revenge spell, in any context, be considered harmless - as with any kind of binding love spell. Both of these spells must draw on the principles and powers of dark magic. A white witch, or a sangoma who is true to his or her craft, would never harm another - and both of these spells seek to harm and control.

Magic Spells and potions

Any thing you need can be found on the Internet - love potions, divorce spells, revenge spells, spells for financial success, marry me spells - you name it and you will find some witch or wizard prepared to take your money - and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on some of the spells! Doctors, professors, witchdoctors, sangomas, wicca, shamans, mediums,clairvoyants, tarot readers, rune magic, astrology,  herbalists, imimova emibi, healers, psychic healers, fortune tellers, native spiritual healers, sorcerers, wizards, witches, sorceresses, sangomas, voodoo magic, nyanga, umthakathi,  wow! All of these people are trying to sell one kind of spell or another. They all claim to be "powerful" and offer "spells that work" or "quick spells" or "guaranteed spells".- or "healing herbs". Where does one start to find a real spell caster or real magic that works? True Wiccan spells and true African spells will not be found through some quack on the Internet, through dark magic or witchcraft spells. Forget about black and white spells  ... true healing will not be found through spells and magick rituals. Seek and ye shall find - seek within, brothers and sisters - the true path to power and healing lies in your own power.


black and white spells
320 < 10 - R30.24 -
spell vamp
14,800 28 - R28.62 -
necromancy spells
4,400 16 - R25.63 -
binding love spell
2,400 36 - R25.52 -
beginner love spells
480 22 - R25.01 -
love spells beginners
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love spell book
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voodoo spells for money
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online love spells
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spells to bring money
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real wiccan spells
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voodoo money spells
590 12 - R22.99 -
love spells for beginners
480 22 - R22.82 -
binding love spells

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