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African Witchcraft Forum

Who are the good witch doctors - and who are the bad. Have you bought a spell that does not work - or paid for a healing and had bad results? Have you had a curse put on you, or a a revenge spell against you? Have you used a love spell before - and did it work? Talk to us - let us know the good and bad practitioners, whether they are traditional healers, sangomas, witch doctors or psychic healers
Tell us about unscrupulous witch doctors, healers, sangomas or witches - tell us if you have been ripped off for spells that do not work or healings that did not heal.
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2 years 9 months ago
Have you used a psychic, or traditional healer? Were they good, and solved your problems. Have you bought a spell - a love spell or a money spell - did it work. Tell us about your good experiences - let's inform the public which healers are worth spending our money on.
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by yxumywuf
2 weeks 5 days ago
General discussion about African witchcraft - spells and spell making - traditional medicine and techniques used by African Healers
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by Scarlett122017
10 months 2 weeks ago

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Have you been ripped off by a so called healer?

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    • pierścień Twoje Wedding Bells Korzystanie Kwiaty U...
    • mogę potwierdzić których ogromny uśmiech a także dużo śmiechu przecina moja twarz ze wszystkimi pojawieniem się kwiatów w moje podróżach o Świat . Kwiaciarnia Piła Kolejne pytanie: Ilu możesz mieć uzdolnionych kwiaty dla mężczyzn . Gdyby nie było niewierność jej naturalna reakcja i zachowanie byłoby posiadać oba zestawy z kwiatów na zewnątrz, szczęśliwy i zadowolony że po prostu wysłany nie tylko jeden rozmieszczenie kwiatów ale dwa. mam włączone wiele te idee wewnątrz poniżej dodatkowej sekcji końcówki .
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    • Author yxumywuf
    • at 19:05 on Jan 31, 2017 (UTC)
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    • remove black magic spells
    • One week after the Full Moon, buy an inexpensive small mirror and write the person's name on it with a black permanent marker. Wrap the mirror in a clean white cloth and put it away in a cupboard or other dark place where it won't be disturbed. Next, light a white candle asking for healing for yourself and protection from this person. Allow the candle to burn out but keep any remains. Wait until at least after the next Full Moon to see if your condition has changed. If it has, on the New Moon light another white candle for continued protection and keep the mirror where it won't be disturbed. Doing the above is usually enough to destroy their influence but not always. If your situation has not improved, a night or two before the New Moon, put on some sturdy shoes because you are going to need to break the mirror. Don't worry you are not going to get seven years of bad luck. Get the mirror from its hiding place and remove the white cloth. Now place the mirror into a plastic bag and then put the bag into a cardboard cereal box or some other container you can mash and throw away. Get a garbage bag and take it outside with you because you will need it later. Go outside and place the package on a hard surface and begin stomping on it, while focusing your thoughts on the offender's face and say over and over out loud "Insert name, you have NO power over me or mine!" until you experience a feeling of release. Then stop and pick up the entire mashed package, put it into the garbage bag and take the whole package to a nearby dumpster. Now dump it in and leave without looking back. When you get home, light another white candle asking for continued protection from the person and allow to burn out as before. BTW, this spell has never been known to fail.
    • In African Witchcraft Forum / General discussion - witchcraft and sangomas
    • Author Scarlett122017
    • at 07:51 on Apr 02, 2016 (UTC)

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